Election results (11/9)

So… Continue reading “Election results (11/9)”

Vice Presidential Debate Recap

The political bloggers and internet news outlets are in a frenzy once again. Imagine that. There seems to be a bit of a flurry in the digital dovecote over the phrase “whip out that Mexican thing” in an election season that’s already overpopulated with gaffes. But that’s not what should stand out to viewers. Continue reading “Vice Presidential Debate Recap”

Trump, Part 3: Fascist whelp

list of criteria may not be enough for some people. Some are not big on analytical definitions. Maybe you’re some sort of Heideggerian and I need to enter your welt, and only by “doing” can we “be”. Or maybe you’re a dogmatic empiricist and you require falsifiable predictions. Either way, fret not, Robert Paxton breaks fascism down into several stages of activity that will unfold Continue reading “Trump, Part 3: Fascist whelp”