Fools Rush In

Today Joe Biden officially announced his campaign for president. After not one but two failed previous campaigns. Third time’s the charm?

At this point, the field of candidates is already so crowded that the eventual nominee may not even be a tertium gaudens but vicesima gaudens.

Screenshot (265)
“Another one!” – DJ Khaled

Here’s some obvious preliminary thoughts:

Since it is so early for him, why is he winning? The DNC rules may have changed but it’s still suspicious that someone not running was winning in the polls. Remember 2016? Remember the superdelegate count after Clinton lost in New Hampshire and basically came out even in Iowa?:


To go with this, after all the jiggery-pokery from polling in 2016, why are we trusting them now? We know polling failed then, so what makes them reliable now? I know one doesn’t bite the hand that feeds, but when not being fed shouldn’t you be biting? Or at least barking?

And for those centrist pragmatists who back him because they’re looking all the way ahead to winning over the middle ground in the general election: does this not seem exactly like Hillary’s campaign from last time? A long-standing Democrat, favored within-party before any vote is cast despite prior failed campaigns, the baggage of questionable sexual misconduct from the past, an eventual need to denounce tough crime bills from the 1990s, gaffes from poorly chosen words, no clear signature achievements or trajectory in voting behavior other than “been around a while”, etc. And we all know how well that turned out:


But that’s where we are: Sanders gets booed by black women for mentioning his past in the civil rights movement, while a truly public group involving firefighters backs Biden and his amorphous platform. I guess Sanders working with SNCC is not good enough for SJW and he’s also insufficiently “anti-fire”. To bastardize Voltaire, it seems to be that the enemy of the good is the new. In which case we’ve gone from being narcissists to being novelty-seeking narcissists, which veers eerily close to psychopathy.

So once again the media is wrong: it is not that democracy dies in darkness – it dies to thunderous applause. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve made this plea in vain before. Eternal optimist I am, however, I’ll make it again for us all: miserere mei Domine


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