Election monitoring, redux

The current big news is that Trump recants his birtherism of Obama. From Politico:

Trump concedes Obama was born in the US. The Republican nominee also accuses Clinton of giving rise to the birther conspiracies, despite no evidence she did so.

Regardless of how one should parse birtherism from its progenitors, its hard to deny that there was a scorched earth approach used by Clinton in her 2008 campaign against Obama. On top of Obama having to parry claims of being a Kenyan, there were also claims about being a Muslim (while simultaneously needing to distance himself from claims of a Christian minister) that also had ties to Hamas.

This all-out attack didn’t work then, and we’re going to see how it works now, because Clinton has adopted the bad habits of other campaigns by claiming half of a population is worth ignoring. Obama seized upon this; Trump has done likewise. Now we’ll have to wait and see how things shape up next, and if we can draw any parallel predictions between campaign behavior and subsequent failure.


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