DNC Day 3,4: La commedia e finita

So the final two days of the DNC introduced us to Tim Kaine and the “real” Hillary Clinton. TL;DR they’re the same person. They were both pro-life, now they’re both pro-choice. It’s a similar conversion to HW Bush, but in reverse. They opposed gay marriage, now they’re in favor of it. They’re both in favor of the death penalty. He’s somewhere between a loyal lapdog and a dopplegänger, rendering him irrelevant for any extra comment beyond what one can say about her liberalism.

We’ve seen this game before. Everything is terrible or irrelevant until she does it, then it’s paramount. Socialism is bad for the USA, but then Neera Tanden will say she was a socialist “before socialism was cool.” One moment FDR is a campaign’s focus, but not when running against an economic populist. Sanders’ work on civil rights and housing discrimination doesn’t count, but Kaine’s fight against housing discrimination is totes amazing.

Clearly not as serious as whatever Hillary did

As one drunk Brit put it:

“She is a tyrant and a bully when she can dare to be, and an ingratiating populist when that will serve. She will sometimes appear in the guise of a ‘strong woman’ and sometimes in the softer garb of a winsome and vulnerable female. She is entirely un-self-critical and quite devoid of reflective capacity, and has never found that any of her numerous misfortunes or embarrassments are her own fault, because the fault invariably lies with others.” – Christopher Hitchens

But these arguments are never sufficient. It’s no true Hillary arguments all the way down.  Never mind that the smallest slights from opponents become significant, which is the sine qua non for narcissistic injury. She’s basically an angel that can do no wrong, yet that other Democrat was the one living in a fantasy with “puppies and rainbows“. Clinton is always somber and reflective, and never uses hyperbole or exaggerates anything ever.

She totally listens to your favorite band and roots for your local sports team

You can go all PoMo and argue “all things are subject to interpretation” and “whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” But if there’s ever a time to vote your conscience it’s now. Of two evils choose neither, especially when the political climate is such that there’s a real possibility of bringing about a third party:

With three candidates, this means the dark horse wins

Imagine the sanity of an election which multiple parties, or at least more than two. Imagine the nuance and diverse ideas that can be brought forward. The worst thing you can do at this point is to opt out of this circus, ie. take the Benedict option. Be cenobitic dammit! You may not like the current circus of affairs, but you will inherit it so you should be concerned about its condition. You need to embrace narcissism, in the right way and “pick an existence that is of value to more than just yourself, even if that existence defies the logic of reality.” You need to both be aware of things and not become condescending or apathetic when things get ridiculous. You need to engage such ridiculous affairs and nip them in the bud because failure to do so leads to dire situations like we’re in right now.

The foolish logic beyond quietism

This election, to say the least, is a “tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury.” How much, and what exactly, it signifies depends on the events in November.


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